Saturday, February 02, 2008


In the grand scheme of things, the PNW has some pretty bad snow. It usually falls as half-rain and rides like mashed potatoes. Going to Utah is heavenly, the snow is consistently amazing. Jake and I rode a couple days at Alta. The first day they "only" got 6" overnight, but if rode like a foot. We got over 20 runs in. The second day they received almost 2 ft. the day/night before, freaking incredible.

Jake tracking up the powder.

The cold temps which make for such nice snow, also form up some ice. Utah was having a good year, Maple Canyon was fat, and apparently, it never is. Here's Frankenchrist wi6. I've never spent so much time psyching myself up for a lead, but in the end I bailed partway up.

Andy "warming up" on Get Whacked wi5/6.

We opted for a shorter drive the day after Maple Canyon. Stairway to Heaven is only 45 min. from town. Not bad for a nine pitch wi5. It was warm, which pretty much sums up everyday I've ice climbed this year. I truley believe I am an ice jonah, if I'm coming to town, you might as well break out the beach blankets. Andy on pitch 4 of STH.