Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Things That Scare Me

Picking up something heavy, picking up something light and moving quickly that's pretty much what it boils down to.  However, there are certain WODs that are absolutely devastating.  These workouts cause a shiver when I flip through my training log for daily WOD ideas.  At work we use a pain scale for patients to describe pain.  Any one of these equate to a 10/10 on the pain scale.  Here's my top (bottom!) 5.

1:  3000 FY.  3000 meters on the rower in less than 10 minutes.  That means you need to row 1:40/500m for 10 minutes.  I've done this workout probably three or four times and each time I was crushed.  I think I actually spat my lung out the last time I did it.  So far my best is to get less than 200m from hitting the mark....

2:  300 FY.  300 Calories on the AirDyne in less than 10 minutes.  Let's face it, the AirDyne is pure evil.  It saps your energy in mere seconds.  Granted I've only been on it a couple times but the 300FY seems nearly impossible.  I did some 2 min splits on the Air Dyne with 2 minutes rest and not a single one of my splits would have been fast enough to be on pace for the 300FY.  The aftermath? SVT.

3:  Thruster Chicken.  Start with a 45# bar at 2 reps.  Add 2 reps per minutes.  Keep adding reps until you can't complete the reps in that minute.  Thrusters are incredibly metabolic.  Initially you are able to get some healthy rests after your reps.  By the end you will go 4-5 minutes doing constant repetitions of thrusters.  It's hard to keep your head in this one because it is so hard.

4:  Thruster Ladder.  Start with 25 reps at 65# followed by 20 at 85#, 15 at 105#, 10 at 115# and end with 5 at 135#.  I could lift my arms for the better part of week after this WOD.  I haven't had the courage to try it again since.

5:  The Chipper.  When I'm getting ready for a big alpine trip I usually try to shift into some depletion style WODs.  Mountain Athlete used this when they had their push for 90+ minute WODs.  They're grinds so you better load the iPod with a bunch of punk rock because it won't stop.  Here's the one I do a few times prior to a big trip:
1x        250x Step Ups, w/pack (M-35#)

5x        10x Dead Lift (M-185#)
            15x Box Jumps (M-24")
10x      Row 500m
            5x Turkish Getups each arm (M-12kg)
7x        5x Pull ups
            10x Kettlebell Floor Press each arm (M-12kg)
            10x Back Extension
1x        20-15-10-5x
            Curtis P (M-75#)
1x        250x Step Ups, w/pack (M-35#)