Friday, January 09, 2009

More than just a Lillooet

Work on New Year's Eve and school on Monday left us a short window. After considering Canmore with its 14-hour drive and -40 degree temps we headed toward BC and Lillooet. Lillooet, which is normally just a little wet, was freezing cold, -4 our second day. Of course, anticipating borderline freezing temps we brought our shells and left our puffys in Portland. The snap freeze brought birttle fragile ice, but fortunately little running water.

Finally nabbed Icy BC on our first day. It was a party though, one team in front of us from Squamish and Don Serl and Marc LeClerc behind us.

Marcus following pitch 1. Hardest grade 3 ice ever.

Marcus leading the second pitch. The top of the third pitch can be seen overhead. We climb left through two caves than straight up. It was steeper than it looked.

Me coming off the deck on Carl's Berg. It was actually a little less steep than Icy BC's final pitch but bad ice convinced me to leave it for another day. Similar conditions were found at the Sailor Bar area where I really started getting good at hanging from screws and putting in v threads.