Monday, December 19, 2011

A Long December

Ice climbing is intrinsically motivating.  Unlike rock climbing where you just need to wait for a dry day, ice climbing is all conditions.  You can have ice but wind and not climb.  Ice but its fragile and not send.  Ice but its thin or baked and you back off.  Unlike rock climbing, you cannot pass up an opportunity to climb when it presents itself.  As an ice climber in the PNW... you earn it.  In a period of just over a month I've done three trips and logged just nine days of climbing.  To earn those days I've driven 4,800 miles just to and from the climbing areas.   Totally worth it.

Here's some highlights from two trips to the Canadian Rockies and one trip to Cody, WY.

Mean Green Pitch Four

Animal Rights Activist

Pillar of Pain

Mixed Master (minus the mixed!)

Redman Soars