Friday, May 03, 2013

We Were Warriors Once and Young?

The Rock Warrior:  Probably the first time I could be called that.  I'm here just above the short 5.10 crux with 60ft ground fall potential  Each pitch of this route was memorable (read 30+ft runouts).  I can't deny the Adventure Punks had style...
Dreaming of Wild Turkeys.

Rodney and I finally connected for some Red Rocks climbing.

Rodney has been hassling me for years to come down and explore the amazing climbing in RR.  It took me moving next door to make the trip happen.

Resolution Arete, in particular is the carrot that he has dangled to tempt me into the trip.  We got the route done in a a casual (read:  limited headlamps) day last week.  I can't say the climbing was good and I'm not planning on a repeat ascent, but it was a true adventure.  The climbing was pretty sustained at 5.10 despite what the topo states and the 10d pitch was exciting with the limited rack we carried.

All-in-all this route went pretty well for us.  We only lost a half-hour or so in the morning looking for the route, and maybe an additional hour looking for the descent.  I (not so much Rodney) opted for a lightweight rack (taking just singles and few doubles in finger sizes.  Considering there is exactly one piece of fixed gear on this route, a few extra cams would have sped things up.

Resolution Arete is a full-on desert rock'aneering adventure.  Even though I'm a novice to Red Rock, I don't think you've climbed at RR unless you've done this route.

Here is a video I made of our ascent:  Resolution Arete Video.