Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Shortest Distance Between Two Points

Climbing high on RNWFHD's double crack, one my favorite pitches. For more rad photography check out this:

Starting a new career has been a major adjustment.  Its the first time in about a decade that something has had a higher priority to me than climbing.  I've known for a long time that, while climbing is awesome and I love it, for me, it isn't the only thing.  At times, I've flirted with complete vagabond climbing dirtbag status but I always tired of it... quickly.

Even so, changing my priorities initially felt like I was abandoning my chosen path, that I would never reach some of those long term goals I've been working for.  It doesn't feel that way anymore.  The goals are the same, the path is just going to be different.

Linear movement toward any goal is a rare thing that requires singular focus, motivation... and to be honest some selfishness.  I'm looking forward to having something to hang my hat on besides climbing which is so often dictated on the forces of nature.

Despite work taking the driver's seat I have one day of skiing and God willing four days of ice climbing planned over the next five days.

Game on...