Monday, February 10, 2014

Never Winter

Las Vegas, like most of the Western United States, had no winter this year.  We had many 70+ degree days, lots of sunshine and prime rock climbing conditions.  Despite being an ice climber at heart, I have to admit that climbing pitch after pitch of warm rock and cooling off with a beer afterward is pretty nice.  I had hoped to tap into Utah and Mt. Charleston to get a bunch of ice mileage this season, but nothing formed in the balmy temperatures.  Despite the poor conditions, I did manage to snag several routes that, while not notably difficult, are absolute classics.  

Of course, with Red Rock Canyon in my backyard it is difficult to not come home with a bunch of classics under your belt.  Thankfully, I have a partner who isn't tired of lapping the classics and is always eager to get out and put in the work for the longer routes.  The other great thing about Las Vegas is its proximity to other destination climbing areas, like Joshua Tree.  I was lucky enough to have a half-dozen or so days in Joshua Tree this season.

Enjoying a full 70 meter of ice in
deteriorating conditions on the "Zicicle"

Adrift in a stony sea on Levitation 29

Jared crushing on Eagle's Dance, we were
dive bombed by several raptors during the climb...

Marcus make casual work of Birdbrain Boulevard

Hoping for Hot Rocks 11b in cool temps in Joshua Tree.