Sunday, October 21, 2007

Parting Shots

Sometimes things just don't go as planned...

Before an aborted attempt on Taulliraju.

Murchison Falls after the approach, and just after some avalanche activity...

After taking a wrong turn in the N Cascades (It's amazing how you can try to convince yourself that your not lost)...

After failing on a 5.11 in Indian Creek...

Tuolume Meadows

My Dad, Hank and I drove from Portland to Reno, met Floyd and made our way down the 395 for a little early fall backpacking. We planned on taking seven days to go from Toulumne Meadows to the top of Half Dome and back via a circuitous route. With the exception of PM rain storms on our last two days we had absolutely perfect warm weather.

Unfortunately for my back, I couldn't pass up some of the peaks we were going by, so I packed a rope and rack for a little Sierra granite.

Floyd and Hank nearing the pass near Volgesang Camp. We went a couple extra miles the first day and camp lower down, at Emeric Lake.

We climbed the Cable Route on Half Dome from our Mud Lake camp (named in memory of the two water filters it killed). Strange to go from complete solitude off the beaten path to the hundred or so people we saw at Half Dome.

Here I am low on Tenaya Peak. I came in cross country from Upper Cathedral Lake joining the route a few pitches up and finished it solo in 15 minutes. The route is fantastic with good friction, great cracks and flakes to yard on. Views of the Cathedral Range all the way to the Ditch.

Here's the route I climbed on Tenaya Peak. Tenaya Lake is below.

Upper Cathedral Lake after one of our PM rain storms.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Mountains Don't Care

Training is the only edge we can give ourselves in the mountains. All the ambition and desire on earth won't keep you alive when the storm comes in and your too far up to go down. There are no shortcuts. You need to give yourself an edge at home because the mountains don't care.
The Mountains Don't Care
For Time:
Squats x 100
Pull Ups x 30
Sit Ups x 100
Deadlifts x 100
Pull Ups x 30
Back Extensions x 100
Lunges x 100
Pull Ups x 30
Calf Raises x 100
Plank L x 30sec
Plank R x 30sec
Push Ups x 30
Tricep Extensions x 30
Pull Up Lock Offs to failure